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Our starters – Servicing includes the following steps:

  • Complete disassembly into individual components.
  • Correct cleaning and surface treatment.
  • Drive Storage: replace the bushings.
  • Sprocket and clutch gearbox: 100% disassembly and cleaning of the freewheel gear. Visual inspection of driver and pinion. 100% replacement of bushings, rollers and springs. Fats by original equipment directive.
  • Einrückhebel: visual inspection.
  • Planetary gear: disassembly. Functional testing of the needle bearing when installed.
  • Relay: examine the smoothness of the armature. Disassembly of the switch cover, electrical testing of the coils.
  • Anchor with commutator: Check for Masse-/Windungsschluss and interruption. Audit rotation anchor package and commutator. 100% overspeeding of the commutator.
  • Polgehäuse with winding: 100% mass final inspection, replacement of carbon brushes falling below the minimum level.
  • Kommutatorlager: replace the bushings.


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